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Creative Refrigerants for Low Carbon and Green Growth



The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) has established a series of Commission B1 (Thermodynamics and Transfer Processes) Conferences, held every 4 years, to discuss thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants.

The objectives of the IIR’s Commission B1 are to provide academic and industrial information/data and to propose solutions to current issues related to thermodynamics and transfer processes.

Commission B1 has been extremely active in the areas of working groups (WG), IIR conferences, IIR-co-sponsored conferences and commission business meetings. This conference follows the 2001 Conference in Paderborn, Germany, the 2005 Conference in Vicenza, Italy, the 2009 Conference in Boulder, USA, and the 2013 Conference in Delft, the Netherlands.


In accordance with the global efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to protect the environment, the refrigeration society should cooperate and participate in coping with the worldwide energy and environmental issues. These core issues lead to set up the main theme for the 5th TPTPR Conference in 2017 as “Creative Refrigerants for Low Carbon and Green Growth”. As refrigeration and air-conditioning products contribute to climate change, the IIR should undertake every effort to facilitate the development of eco-friendly refrigerants and to assist in sharing most current knowledge on the next generation refrigerants among international experts.

The conference covers the areas of diverse research on thermophysical properties and transfer processes of refrigerants. Academic and industrial experts are encouraged to submit papers in the areas of cycle analysis, theoretical and experimental techniques, thermophysical property data analysis, heat and mass transfer enhancements, and heat pump systems with new refrigerants.


2nd Announcement

Invitation Letter & Visa

A VISA may be required for residents from certain countries more information


Delegates and accompanying persons are advised to check with their travel agency concerning regulations for visas. You may also consult the following link to check if a visa is required: visa information

If you need an invitation letter for visa application, please contact Professor CHUNG, Jae Dong (Secretary General) at jdchung@sejong.edu with the following information:


Hwallaejeong at Seongyojang House Gangneung

Hwallaejeong at Seongyojang House © VisitKorea


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The conference dates (April 23-26) fall during the beautiful spring season in Seoul. Temperatures range from 8-13°C in the morning, and 18-23°C during the day.

More information including weather, culture, travel, and attractions can be found at: